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Homestuck Kink Meme: Act 2

Homestuck Kink Meme

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Things Terezi Hates Waking Up To (In A Good Way) - Terezi♠Vriska, NSFW for explicit sex, fight sex

(Anonymous) 2012-03-12 03:16 am (UTC)(link)
You wake up that evening with a bad case of don't-want-to-get-out-of-the-sopor, and it takes a lot of willpower to deal with it. You remind yourself about the pre-examination - legislacerators have to pass a lot of tests, and a lot of them start before you even see a shuttle. You've got a lot to do today if you want to pass it; you've heard how brutal they can be!

Besides, you're alone in the hive tonight, so it's a good night to do some cleaning. You're not big on cleaning, but after some of the things your matesprit's done - and you pity her to death, but she makes Sollux look like a neat freak - you've decided it's important. You're kind of tired of constantly stepping on things.

So you're definitely preoccupied, but somehow you manage to keep yourself from jumping when Vriska's head pops up almost as soon as your shoulders clear the recooperacoon's edges. Or maybe she was there all along, her blueberry scent obscured by the rich smell of sopor. "Hey there," she says, and you don't even have to be able to see her to know that she's grinning from horn to horn, looking way too proud of herself.

You don't bother to ask her how she got into your hive. You've made that mistake way too many times before, and you have never liked the answer. You don't even bother to lower yourself back into the sopor. "Vriska, get out of my hiveblock," you say instead, and glare at her with your red eyes; you're told that it's pretty intimidating when you do that!

Vriska's not intimidated, though. She never is. "'Or else,' right?" she asks. "You forgot to add that! Must mean you really want me here, hmmmmm?"

"Shut *up,* you say, dragging yourself the rest of the way out of the sopor. No way you're giving her the satisfaction of knowing that she made you change your plans for her. If you do that, she'll never leave. "I've got big plans for today and I don't have time for one of your stupid games, so why don't you just go away?"

"Aw, come on." You can hear the pout in her voice; she's so good at making it obvious, like she hopes you'll relent if she sounds pathetic enough. It never works, and she knows it, but she also knows that it makes you mad, which is why she keeps doing it. She's way too good at reading you sometimes, which you think might be the only reason you haven't given up on this mess yet.

"No," you say firmly, "I have important things to do today!"

"They can't be *that* important can they?"

"Yes, they can," you insist, grabbing for your favorite towel, the one that still smells faintly of olives and sweat. "You're not the only one with a bunch of irons in the fire, you know. I have to get started on my training, and you need to go. Now."

"Pfft. You have all *night* to work on that stuff! Besides, you know you'll finish a whole night's work in no time and spend the rest of the day playing with your dragons, 'cuz you're just so *smaaart.*" She says the last word so thick with sarcasm that you catch yourself listening for her eyes to drop out of her head for rolling too far.

"You don't even know what I'm working on!" you protest, hoping that the bluster will hide the fact that she's right. It doesn't help that you've been alone in there for the past two nights - your matesprit's off helping her morail deal with some kind of big emergency involving *his* matesprit, and you don't begrudge her or anything, but once you've gotten used to having someone snuggled up with you for a whole perigee, it's hard to go back to sleeping alone. And once you've gotten used to having a matesprit with near-insatiable appetites for a lot of things, that makes going without even worse. Add that to the fact that the towel still smells not-so-faintly of her, and it's wrapped around you... oh, yeah. Your body's not backing you up on this at *all.*

If it were anyone else, you think hiding it might've worked. But Vriska is just way too good at reading you. She probably figured it out while she was watching you sleep. "C'mon, Terezi, I'm just asking you for two hours of your time! And I brought something over for you. Something you might actually like."

"No, thank you," you say - it had taken days for you to repair your hive after the last time she'd brought over something you'd like. "I'm going to get dressed and I'm going to start studying for -"

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm sure!"

"Are you *positive?*"

You're just about to finally snap and go for your cane, towel or no towel, but then you hear her walk over - slow, deliberate steps, carefully avoiding the trail of sopor that you've left on the floor. Then you hear a soft pop, and before you can say anything else you smell something amazing - so bright and candy-red that for a second you can't smell anything else, like cinnamon and cherries -

"Oh, no," you say, closing your eyes. "You aren't playing fair."

"Terezi, you should know!" she purred, "Team Scourge never plays fair."

You want to say something, anything. You want to grab your cane and show her the fast way out. But you don't - all you can think about that delicious, delicious lipstick, how good it would taste. You hear Vriska hum slightly, and you know, you just *know,* that she's smearing it on her lips, not caring how it looks, just getting as much of it on her full lips as she can, the sweet smell of ref mixing with her blueberry blood-scent....

Self-control, you tell yourself. She can't get to you unless you let her.

"C'mon, Terezi," she says, wheedling. "Just a little kiss."

"You're just trying to make me waste my time and fail the preexam!" you accuse her, but you're salivating. "Your deception smells just as bad as ever -"

"If you really want me to leave," she says in a loud singsong voice, "I'll go. But you'll have to whisper it in my ear..."

You grit your teeth, hard. "Just go away," you say. "I'm tired of how you always cheat, it isn't right -"

"Then maybe I need to be punished," she said smoothly. She blows over your horns, and you hold down a shudder. "You see, it's hopeless - one way or another I always get what I want. Don't I?"

Your iron resolve is slipping away faster and faster every second. She's won this one. You can feel it. She's beat you, and it might not be fair and square but that's never been something she cared about.

"We'll see about that," you hiss, and without giving her any warning at all you're on top of her, biting her bottom lip hard enough to draw her blueberry blood, drowning in the smell and the taste of red, spices and fruit and and sweet candy. She might've won this time, but that doesn't mean you have to make it easy for her.

She doesn't make it easy for you, either. She can match you, claw for claw and bite for bite. You rake your claws over her stomach, and she gives you a particularly vicious kick to your stomach that doubles you over. She pushes your head to the ground and you grab her arm and pull her down beside her. Her fangs are sharp, but not as sharp as yours, and you've spent a lot of time practicing how to deal with uncooperative prisoners - you even got your matesprit to practice, and she's really good at hand-to-hand fighting, and you even beat *her* most of the time these days!

Still, Vriska's good enough to put up a fight, so it takes you a while to get the upper hand. Finally you get her pinned to the ground. "You want this?" you say, grinning. "Fine. But on *my* terms."

She doesn't answer. She just laughs as you bite at her face, her lips, the places where the lipstick has stained her face. You can smell it - you don't know where she got it from, or what she's put in it, and you really don't care, because it is pretty much the most delicious thing you've ever tasted! Her fingers pull away the towel, which is probably good because you don't want your favorite towel to end up stained, and you use your claws to cut away her stupid t-shirt and pants and everything else, and soon you're grappling her naked on your floor and the thin tendrils of your bulge are pulling at her seedflap, working their way inside.

Of course she'd doing the same to you. She's bigger than you, if only a little bit, stretching you enough to hurt - gog, you've missed this, you two haven't done this in so long - but you keep pushing her down, and you don't let it show. You sink your teeth into her shoulder as you grind against her, and she squeezes your ample hips with her bony knees hard enough to hurt, running her claws down your sides enough to draw blood, and it's all a mixture of pain and pleasure, so hot and intense -

You can't take it anymore, and neither can she, and the release is enough to leave a hell of a mess on the floor - you're going to be cleaning it up for days, blue and teal and the few traces of candy red. Which is probably one of the things she's going to be laughing about when she gets away from you, you think with an internal groan. You're too tired to actually groan, though - you're too busy rolling onto your back and panting. You ought to be going for a bucket, preserving what you can of this -

"Tired?" she asks. "Hmph. Good thing *one of us has some foresight." She taps her claws against the side of what sounds like a metal bucket. "Better get to work!"

"Hmmrph." That's pretty much the best you can manage! You are not going to be able to walk right for days, you think, and you might as well forget about studying. If you weren't so tired you'd be pouncing on her for round two. "Vriska," you say, turning your head towards her as best you can, "I hate you so much."

"Of course you do, Terezi," she answers. Did she stop grinning once during that mess? You kind of don't think she did. "Of course you do."

Re: Things Terezi Hates Waking Up To (In A Good Way) - Terezi♠Vriska, NSFW for explicit sex, fight

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(and that's very yummy.)

Re: Things Terezi Hates Waking Up To (In A Good Way) - Terezi♠Vriska, NSFW for explicit sex, fight

(Anonymous) 2012-03-24 06:07 pm (UTC)(link)
God, I love this. Extremely hot AND so nicely, deftly characterized.