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Homestuck Kink Meme

Homestuck Kink Meme

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Dave: doubt your friend's heterosexuality

(Anonymous) 2011-04-03 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
Dave comes to visit and stays over with John. After a long night of watching terrible movies, they pass out together -- and John is a sleep-cuddler. Cue Dave getting some ideas about this, and fumbly awkward makeouts in the morning. Anon would prefer John maybe confused and surprised, but definitely not protesting. This just hadn't ever occurred to him, really!

Re: Dave: doubt your friend's heterosexuality

(Anonymous) 2011-04-22 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
I find this prompt tempting. Very tempting.


(Anonymous) 2011-07-08 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
(((((okay this isn't what you were looking for, haha, I know you wanted Dave on top but. I usually write from the uke's POV, so since I started writing from Dave, this happened. T^T sorry!! anyway, hopefully it's not so bad lol)))))

You didn't think those shitty movies would ever end, he seems to have an endless supply of them. You think that really it's quite ridiculous, just how many Nicolas Cage movies does one person need to own? You really think that John should get into other hobbies. Like maybe rapping.

But then again, John probably doesn't have the mind for dropping sick fires. It just wouldn't be his thing, you guess. But that's okay, he's still your friend even if he can't rhyme or rap for shit.

It's a miracle how many exceptions you make for him.

Like, this one you're making now, sharing that lame bed on the floor with him. This is certainly not how a cool dude would have a sleepover, and it's a good thing Bro can't see you right now, you think. It would be mighty embarrassing, if he did. It would not be cool.

But no one is around to see it, except John, and he's not even really conscious anymore, you believe he's already asleep, over on that side of the bed, even though the movie was shut off less than two minutes ago. Apparently he has no trouble sleeping tonight, which is good, but it leaves you with nothing to do as you struggle to get your nap on. It usually takes about fifteen minutes for you to fall asleep. That's a cool amount of time, you think. An hour would be way too much, but a few minutes like John...that's pathetic. Fifteen minutes is a nice balance, for a cool guy. You're sure Bro would agree.

And just as you're thinking about your bro, shifting again to try to get comfortable, you hear John shift as well, and the covers move over the two of you. You give them a strong yank in your direction, since, he's already unconscious, and he won't notice the lack of covers. They're more valuable to you in your consciousness.

But unfortunately, he came with them. That nice yank of yours brought your best friend right up in your damn grill, lucky you. You try to push him away but the more you touch him, the faster he gets his sleepy arms around you and pulls you closer, right up against him. You think that this is really not very cool of him, at all, ever. But once he's on you can't seem to get him off. He clings on to you from behind, hugging you tightly against him, most likely with that stupid grin on his sleeping face.

You're lucky he's not awake, to see you not being stoic and collected about this. You feel your face heat up slightly, and you know that your coolness has died tonight. It's pretty much taken a pirouette dive off the handle and into a steaming pit of lava. For the moment there isn't any chance of ressurrecting it.

It'll be fine in the morning, you believe. For now, though, you snuggle back into John, and forget about being totally cool. You close your eyes and slide your sunglasses off, setting them off the edge of the mattress and on the floor, where they won't be disturbed until morning. Then you take a not-so-cool minute to fall asleep.


You slowly awake to another severely uncool thing; John seems to be completely wrapped around you. Like, even your legs are hopelessly tangled. You try to squirm away from him, but it's useless, the two of you are way too pretzelated for any of that to work while he's unconscious. Any more struggling and you might wake him up, and you don't really want to do that. For one, you don't want him to wake up when he's up in your grill, because being this close to someone isn't very cool of you. Cool guys need their space, and lots of it.

Though, you admit to no one, that you honestly don't mind not having your space right now.

Still, you really should move before he wakes up. You shift again and feel something hard against your......oh, oh no. Please let that not be what you think it is.

Oh yeah, it's exactly what you think it is. Little John is making himself equainted with your leg, and that is extremely, ridiculously, inexusably just NOT MOTHERFUCKING COOL.

But yet, instead of being upset, you stay chill, because being upset isn't cool. But also, you guess, that you're not really mad anyway. You wonder for a moment that, if you weren't so cool, should you have been upset by this? You think yeah, maybe you should have been.

So the fact that you're not, does that stem only from your extreme coolness? Or is there something more?

You get your answer soon enough, when a soft moan is uttered by John, and the boy pulls himself closer to you, rubbing that hardness against you gently. Your face heats up again, and you're almost sure that coolness has nothing to do with the situation right now. Your coolness is still predictably murdered in lava, and your shades are out of your reach, so there's no getting it back. You sort of freeze until you see John's eyelids flutter. When you spot that, you immediately go limp and close your own eyes, trying to pretend that you're not awake. You don't want John to see you being this uncool.

A moment passes and you're sure he's looking at you, and then he moves again, but it's not in the opposite direction. Instead, he shifts his body closer to you, and his erection rubs against you again, with more authority this time, and in a different area that just so happens to be your own---

"You're awake," John mumbled in an almost-whisper. "No one blushes like that in their sleep."

Wow, damnit. Now you look doubly stupid. You open your red eyes and regard John with what you hope is an aloof, uninterested cool-guy stare.....but you know it's not going to work; not without your sunglasses. They're essential, your eyes don't give the same effect.

"Oh wow, it's been so long since I've seen your eyes!" John exclaims, apparently forgetting about your position and the present situation for a moment. You tell yourself that it's a good thing, he should forget, and calm down, and maybe let you go.

But then you think that, even if he was trying to move away, he probably wouldn't get very far, with your fingers all fisted up in his shirt like that. No, you're just about as up in his grill as he is up in yours.

You suppose that maybe you don't mind that much. Maybe this actually is cool. The two of you share a long stare for a while, before he leans in to kiss you, and you can't help but tilt your head toward his as well, and kiss back.

You think it will just last a moment. After all, he's told you he isn't gay. The moment he realizes what he's doing he'll back off, and you'll just claim you were going along with all this ironically.

You'll probably claim that anyway.

But the kiss lasts longer than you had expected it to, and soon John is crawling on top of you, kissing you with more force than you were ready for. You seem to be much more confused than he is, he seems pretty at ease with the whole situation, and your heart is skipping beats all over the place. You need to just roll with it, and see what happens. You concentrate on rolling with it. Rolling, rolling, rolling.

You suppose you may have taken that too literally when you tried to roll him over to be on top instead, but he didn't let you anyhow, and it seems that he took that was an attempt to escape, because the kiss ends, and he gives you a sad, or perhaps confused look. You shake your head and lean up again to meet his lips with your own, your tongue poking out in search of his, finding what it's looking for as he begins kissing you again. You slide your arms around the back of his neck and pull him closer, hooking one leg around his waist as your bulges rub against each other. You moan into his mouth, but the sound is swallowed by him, and his hands run over your skin, and oh, why haven't you ever done this with him before...

But the next thing you know, he's getting off of you again, and this time you were too dazed to stop him, your fingers sliding off of him as he sits up and pulls some blankets over your waist and his. He looks to the door and gives another goofy smile as his father walks into the room, with a pan of fresh baking.

You take that moment to grab your shades and whip them on again, feeling about three times cooler and ten times less vulnerable once they're in place. You regard John's father with cool indifference, though what you're feeling is somewhat closer to perhaps, maybe...anger, or something along those lines, for the man showing up in the first place.

You say none of this as the father places the tray down and exchanges words with John before leaving again, back to the kitchen to presumably bake even more. You wonder if he ever gets tired of that. You recall John telling you once that no, he never does.

You look back at your friend, through the safety of your tinted sunglasses now, and you see him giving you a mischeivous look. You're not sure what it means, but it's an unusual expression for him to hold. You don't know what to make of it.

But you have every intention of finding out. It intrigues you.

Ironically, of course.

(((the end!! I've never written anything from that perspective before, using "you". But it was a lot of fun actually xDDD )))

Re: Dave: doubt your friend's heterosexuality

(Anonymous) 2013-06-10 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm literally working on this like right now
I love this prompt :)