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Homestuck Kink Meme

Homestuck Kink Meme

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(Anonymous) 2011-07-08 09:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Sollux didn't even know why he was doing this for her, it was ridiculous. Like he REALLY wanted to be underwater with all the crazy lusus beasts swimming around down there. He understood why Aradia couldn't come down and read the runes herself, since she weighed much more as a robot, but he didn't see how he was the next best thing to getting the job done.

However, there he was still, doing this for her, because he was too nice to say no. Or rather, too pestered to not agree just to make her shut up. It was ridiculous how much that woman was willing to pester him about doing this, and it wasn't as if the underwater writings probably had any purpose anyways, right? She was just becoming obsessed with things like this, and it was starting to get on his nerves.

To make matters worse, the runes were much farther down than he had expected them to be. He couldn't see anything in the perpetual darkness, without the use of his underwater flashlight, but the batteries were low and it was much too dull, though that was probably a good thing, since even this amount of light down here was probably dangerous. Who knew what it could attract!

His oxygen tank started beeping at him and that was when he realized his mistake, straight up. Since the runes were farther down than he'd thought, it had taken longer to get down to them, and therefore it would take longer than he'd planned to get back to the surface. In fact there was a good chance he might not even make it, actually. He decided he'd best get moving, then.

On the double.

He scanned the runes one last time to make sure he hadn't missed anything, and once he'd decided that he must have decoded it all, he swam his way out of the temple-thing and started on his way to the surface. It was so dark it was impossible to know which way was really up, but he took a moment to let out a few bubbles of air, and then he followed that direction. Water was weird, it made him feel all weightless and.....strangely claustrophobic, like it was all pressing in against him. Water was intrusive, he'd made up his mind to hate water as soon as he was out of it.

If he got out, that is. His tank was beeping at him pretty urgently now, and there was no sign of light up above. Maybe it was just the evening, maybe the light was gone and that was why it was so dark still. Maybe the surface was just a few more strokes away, maybe he was almost there....

He recognized the moment his tank ran out of air, and cursed to himself before holding what little breath he had left. He closed his eyes and swam as hard as he could, only on a second thought disconnecting the tank completely and dropping it. He thought that maybe he'd go faster without its weight, and he was probably right, though it was hard to tell. There was still no light coming from above, and his chest was starting to hurt from holding the breath too long. He decided to let it out, and hold himself on empty for a little bit. Maybe that would get him the rest of the way up.

But even as he flashed his flashlight above, he saw nothing but---HOLY JEGUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT WAS THAT.

Opening his mouth to let out a scream as all of a sudden he was staring into someone's face, but before he could get a mouth full of water, cold lips locked onto his, and breath was distributed to him through them. Not thinking clearly for a moment, not really understanding what the hell was going on, he grabbed the other's face with one hand on each side, and drew a few more desperate breaths from him. And in those few moments his mind worked out that this was just Eridan, at the best time possible. He didn't think that the other troll had much for timing, but hey, maybe he was turning over a new leaf. Thank gog that he showed up when he did.

Once he'd settled down a bit, and he'd regained his breath via Eridan, Sollux let go of the other troll and used the other's body to kick off of, to get a better head start on returning to the surface. It wasn't very thankful of him, but whatever, he could thank the royal boy later when he wasn't in the process of drowning.

But apparently the other troll had different plans, which Sollux wasn't surprised to find out. Eridan's mind never did work on the same level as everyone else's, he was always out to lunch in his own little reality, so it didn't come as a large surprise when Sollux felt the other grab his ankle, and draw him back down to him. Finding this all very counter-productive, and still relatively fearing for his life, Sollux frowned at the boy and struggled to try to get away again, before his chest ached and he stopped that to lean in again, pressing his lips against Eridan's and forcing them open with his tongue, only to draw a few more breaths out of the other. He ended up holding onto Eridan again in the process, and he couldn't see the other's reaction to it, because his flashlight was long since dropped. They were surrounded by darkness, Sollux was completely at a disadvantage here, practically forced to go along with Eridan's plan, since he couldn't very well escape him....but also, they were at the mercy of whatever water lusus happened to show up.

Great, just great. This was another way he hadn't planned on spending his saturday afternoon. Apparently today was just not his motherfucking day.

Using Eridan to breathe actually wasn't that bad, though. It was all fine until the other decided to get his tongue involved. At first, Sollux made a move to pull away, but then as he reconsidered he found that somehow he'd ended up wrapping his legs around the other, and he was clinging on pretty tightly, so, if he moved away that would just be giving the poor royal blood more mixed signals. He decided to throw caution to the wind and just go along with it, for once. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad.

And it wasn't bad, it was actually sort of nice, the strange mix between kissing and breathing, this weakness of his body which Eridan's lacked. Relying on him to breathe....relying on him, in these moments, to stay alive...was actually pretty inappropriate, in Sollux' opinion. His cheeks were flushed completely with his mustard coloured blood, and he wondered briefly what his friends would think, of this moment, this strange exchange between them. He supposed that none of them would approve of it, they'd probably make fun of him for almost drowning, and needing to be saved by Eridan of all people, the most emotionally weak hero anyone could imagine.

But not counting all that noise, Sollux focused back on the present, and he was more than a little surprised when he found that somehow while he was spacing out, Eridan had removed the top half of his wetsuit. The other's hands were moving over his hips now, dragging the suit down further before Sollux's eyes popped open wide behind his goggles. He squirmed a bit, hands going down to stop Eridan as his face couldn't get any more flushed that it already was. He hadn't worn anything under his wetsuit that day, he hadn't expected to meet anyone, and if Eridan removed it...

But the royal boy didn't seem to care about Sollux' reservations. His hands continued moving the suit down, and once it was down the other boy's thighs, the troll gave up in trying to stop Eridan. There wasn't much of a point after he failed, so he let the wetsuit come off of his legs, and he let Eridan drop it into the depths below them.

Wanting to at least keep some dignity, Sollux leaned in for another breath from the other, before getting to work on taking off the boy's ridiculous scarf. After that his other clothes followed, and Eridan even helped Sollux remove them while they breathed together, and soon their naked, heated bodies were drawn together, their bulges sliding in the most pleasant of sensations.

But once Eridan's hand found Sollux' erection, it got very difficult to keep breathing like they had been. Sollux' heart was racing and naturally he had to pant, though panting would only cause him to choke, or something, and that was something he'd rather avoid. Digging his nails into Eridan, he squirmed slightly as the other's hand moved on him, causing him to tilt his head back with a load moan, which didn't make much noise underwater, but surely Eridan heard it loud and clear. Surely, also, he took note of how difficult this was all going to be if they continued it underwater. Pulling Sollux back in to connect their mouths, he held the boy against him with one arm, and began swimming. Much to Sollux' alarm, they were going the opposite way he thought they would. The water was getting colder around them, and he took that to mean that they were going down.

Fear once again prickled at his chest, but almost as if Eridan could sense it, his hand stroked the other's body gently, reassuringly, and Sollux calmed down a little bit, holding on tighter.

It didn't take them long to reach their destination, and when Sollux' head came out of the water he immediately gasped in air greedily, and tried to look around, but of course failed, since there was no light in there. Judging from the echoes, it was a relatively small underwater cave, and soon Eridan had them beached on soft sand, his grey body perssed tightly against Sollux'.

Sollux relaxed onto the sand, drawing Eridan closer before they kissed again, properly this time, without the need to exchange breath interfering. Though, the smaller troll noted that maybe....just maybe, he wouldn't mind exchanging breath again with the royal blood. It was actually kind of fun, if not terribly scandalous.

This time panting was an option, and Eridan quickly got the smaller troll all worked up again, squirming under him and making the most delicious sounds. It was a strange thing, since, to be honest Eridan hadn't ever gotten anywhere with really anyone, and of all people he hadn't suspected he'd get anywhere with Sollux, but hey. He was all for surprises if this is how they turned out.

Flipping Sollux over, he ran his hands down the other troll's sides, over his ribs and stopping at his hips. Since they had been in the water, there was plenty of lubrication for the deed on his mind, and he didn't waste time in getting to it. Sollux made no protests, and soon they were joined, moving together in the soft thrusts that became more passionate as the moments wore on. The delicious sound of their panting and moaning echoed around them in the small area, only making the whole thing that much more erotic for the two. When they finished, it was hard, and drawn out, complete with long delicious moans of each other's names. The pair flipped over when it was all over, and Eridan let the other male rest on him, until the panting wore down a bit.

When silence overtook the cavern, Eridan's hand moved over the other's body gently in thought, before a thought occurred to him, and he spoke softly. "I wwasn't expecting you to be swwimming, I thought you hated the wwater...?"

Sollux shifted, nuzzling a bit closer to the other. "well ii dont know about that," he responded, "but ii don't thiink ii hate iit....quiite so much....anymore..."