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Homestuck Kink Meme: Fill List

Prompt fillers: Please comment to this post when you fill a prompt on this meme.

1. Use the pairing as the subject line for the comment (and include trigger labels if the fic/art needs them).

2. In the body of the comment, copy and paste the text of the prompt, then leave a link to the thread with your fill.

Fill stalkers: you can track this post to get notified when somebody posts a new fill. You don't need to have a paid account to track a whole post.

Jade and Bec

(Anonymous) 2011-04-12 02:35 am (UTC)(link)
Things are innocent and joyous. We get to see Jade and Bec frolicking in fields of gold (not necessarily barley) eating wild things, maybe harvesting seeds with an eye toward expanding the gardening John's letter from the future suggests to more stuff than pumpkins, maybe hunting together and sharing the spoils over a campfire... anything safe, nice and happy!

Good dog. Best friend. <3