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And I think I need to start having a connection on people other than the Blue Hellsite that I think most of us know. Do I even have any followers here? Probably not. I will definitely have to fix that.

Well, it will be awesome to start working with a format that I used a long time ago, that I am familiar with.

Hi everyone! I am here. I am hopefully going to be pestering you with my art and writings, and connecting with people that I know, as well as new people.

Busy day!

Jul. 13th, 2017 12:20 am
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Morning: feeding cat, finishing car registration.
Lunch: driving to Kirkland.
Afternoon: orientation for temp stuff.
Dinner: driving back, locating closed toe shoes and black pants.
Evening: catching up with Purple, sharing leftovers and various video content with partner.
Night: curled up happily.
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